Mixed Student Recital, Warm Hearth Karr Activity Center, Saturday 25 Feb

Warm Hearth Karr Activity Center
Saturday, February 25, 2012
3:30 PM

Cuckoo Folk Song
Kai Feng (piano)
Allegretto M. Giuliani
Gwendolyn Hawdon (guitar)
Song of the Wind with Variations (Flip, Chimes, Crazy Notes) S. Suzuki
Rishi Bhojwani (guitar)
Perpetual Motion S. Suzuki
Defne Bish (guitar)
Minuet No. 1 J. S. Bach
Robert Lee (violin)
A Short Story H. Lichner
Emma Seyler (piano)
Allegro S. Suzuki
Ashley Fan (violin)
Are You Sleeping? Traditional
Carly and Stella Hopkins (guitar duo)
Lullaby A. Stoyanov
Madeline Deck (violin)
Lightly Row Traditional
Emma Ervi (violin)
Minuet No. 1 J. S. Bach
Srishti Ekkad (violin)
Etude No. 5 C. Lemont
Victoria Midkiff (piano)
Waltz B. Calatayud
Emerson Dove (guitar)
Ghiribizzo N. Paganini
Abigail Wontrop (guitar)
Gavotte No. 2 in D Major D. Popper
Trevor Whitaker ('cello)
Waltz from Sonata No. 9 N. Paganini
Sean Bianchi (guitar)
Starlit Night M. Renardy
Michael Renardy (piano), Paul Deck (violin), Susan Barrett ('cello)
Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum, from Children's Corner Suite C. Debussy
Courtney Hight (piano)
Concerto in B minor (I) O. Rieding
Erik Midkiff (violin)
Plaisir d'amour J. P. Martini
Lindy Mesmer (soprano)
Etude No. 11 H. Villa Lobos
Renate Kehlenbeck (guitar)
Sento ne core A. Scarlatti
Maya Monroe (soprano)
Piano Trio ("Dumky"), I. Lento maestoso A. Dvorak
Ian Ho (violin), Terence Lo (cello), Jessica Wang (piano)

We are so appreciative of the efforts and talents of our accompanists in this recital: Justin Craig, Susan Barrett, Paul Deck.

The Renaissance Music Academy gratefully acknowledges support for its programs from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.