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Guitar Teacher

Justin Craig completed his undergraduate and masters degrees in music and psychology at Radford University. He studied classical guitar with Valerie Hartzell and Dr. Robert Trent. In addition to classical guitar performance he studied composition, arranging and jazz  with Flip Shoemaker.  Justin has performed in masterclasses with a number of world-class musicians including William Kannengiser and Nikita Koshkin.  Mr. Craig teaches using the Suzuki method for music instruction founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  The method is designed specifically for the youngest students. Justin has trained with the top Suzuki guitar instructors in the country including founders Frank Longay and William Kossler. He is an active member in the Suzuki Association of America, has published material in the national journal and teaches annually at a number of regional Suzuki workshops. Since 2005, Justin has instructing guitar students and ensembles at the Renaissance Music Academy.  He resides in Blacksburg with his wife Marci (also a registered Suzuki instructor) and their three daughters.

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